Aidan Crowley

Tyler and I first met when we tagged teamed on a short film back in 2015 that he wrote and Directed titled “LZ Lost”. Through this yearly process of pre-production, production, and post, I learned a lot about Tyler personally and a lot about his work ethic and vision. I can say honestly, no matter what the duty is, Tyler will put his A+ effort into it from step A to Z. I have never, in my life, worked with someone as dedicated and cooperative as Tyler. Through the years of 2015-17 we worked together on multiple films, school projects, fundraisers etc. and for every time, he was as motivated as anyone could be. I can confidently say that If I were an employer, I would choose Tyler for any position that’s available because I know he will take the time and energy it deserves to perform at a high level, and I know that Tyler is intelligent enough to listen and improve, and constantly grow.

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