Having worked with Tyler on more than a dozen projects, I can say with the utmost respect and confidence that he is the type of leader I’ve always wanted. His thoroughness, creativity and clarity of direction have made each project a fond memory and not just work that was to

Tyler Cole

Tyler is one of the most talented and creative Filmmakers I have ever worked with. His vision and passion for each project is incredible. As a Director, he values the importance of music in a movie and hence makes him a great collaborator for any composer to work with!

Sai Sriram Maddury

Tyler has been an extremely loyal and hard working employee at a/perture cinema for several years. He is professional, timely, reliable and always looking to lend a hand. Above and beyond his projectionist and box office duties, Tyler did regular editing work for us on several video and trailer projects.

Lawren Desai

Tyler is a highly skilled and creative director and video editor. One of the best independent filmmakers in action/adventure genre I have ever worked with, VFX work is top notch.

Wali Pitt

Tyler co-created three fantastic social media advertising videos for new Dewey’s Bakery soft baked cookies, the brand’s first nationally-available product line. He was essential for all tasks from start to finish: storyboarding, set design, lighting, photography, and especially editing. He’s a hard worker with a positive attitude, he has knowledge

Maggie Sartin

Tyler has an overwhelming drive and passion to create films that is absolutely contagious on set. Recently, Tyler brought me on board as a Cinematographer on a challenging short film project, and together, through sheer force of will and a positive attitude, we accomplished way more than I thought was

Sam Scott

Tyler is a hard-worker, compassionate about his teammates, and has a strong eye for quality. You’re not gonna find many people more dedicated to their work than Tyler is to his.

Marty McCarthy

Tyler is an extremely talented and well-rounded filmmaker. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him on several film projects now, and find that his welcoming personality, positive attitude and passionate drive yield strong memorable final products. Because Tyler is always so quick to put his team before himself, I

Darren Hummel

Tyler and I first met when we tagged teamed on a short film back in 2015 that he wrote and Directed titled “LZ Lost”. Through this yearly process of pre-production, production, and post, I learned a lot about Tyler personally and a lot about his work ethic and vision. I

Aidan Crowley

Tyler’s creative and childlike excitement as a filmmaker brings a whole new level of enjoyment to a set… he envisions something and sets forth to make it a reality with the help of a strong crew and like minded creative souls, his work shows his passion for the art and

Scott Burton

Tyler Hickman’s eye for direction is fresh and original.I would recommend him for any film seeking a dedicated, enthusiastic, and visual director or filmmaker.

Brennan Scott
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